Select the freeway on your morning commute to show all express transit services along that freeway corridor.

All bus routes listed are METRO buses unless otherwise noted. Directions indicted (NB, SB, EB, and WB) are morning peak commute directions. BUSES OPERATE IN CARPOOL LANES WHERE AVAILABLE. Click on bus number for timetable and map. All links courtesy of the respective transit agencies.

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CA-2 / I-210 Foothill Frwy

I-5 Golden State/Santa Ana Frwy

Golden State Freeway (Southbound to Downtown LA)
I-5 Santa Ana Frwy (Northbound to Downtown LA)

I-10 Santa Monica Frwy

NO CARPOOL LANES on this freeway. To request carpool lanes be implemented, contact your state and/or congress representative and Senators Feinstein or Boxer and/or MTA.

CA-91 Artesia Frwy

US-101 Hollywood Frwy

West-East through SF Valley to Downtown Los Angeles

I-105 Glen Anderson (Century) Frwy

I-110 Harbor Frwy/Transitway

118 Simi - San Fernando Valley Frwy

134 Ventura Frwy

CA-170 / US-101 Hollywood Frwy-Cahuenga Pass

I-405 San Diego Frwy

San Fernando Valley to the Westside/LAX area (Sepulveda Pass)

I-605 San Gabriel River Frwy

I-710 Long Beach Frwy