Alternative Fuel Vehicles

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Do you drive or want to buy an SUV?

Here are some reasons why you should reconsider buying/driving an SUV.

Electric and other NON-GASOLINE vehicles now enjoy Carpool Lane Benefits.

Electric Vehicle

  • Chevy Volt Concept Electric Car: Coming in 2010.

  • National Fuel Cell Research Center

  • Electric charging station and Alternative fuel station locations.

    Electric-Gasoline Hybrid Vehicles

  • Yahoo Hybrid Cars Group

    The new 2009 Toyota Prius!

  • 2004 Prius Parks itself!
  • Prius Review
  • Honda Insight
  • New 2002 Honda Civic now has Hybrid version

  • Hybrid EV FAQ's from Dept of Energy

    High Efficiency Gasoline Vehicles

  • Nissan Sentra SE CA ( Clean Air)
  • Review from

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