Private Transportation Services

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Want to reduce traffic in your neighborhood?

Carshare Companies

  • Car Sharing: Share a car in the neighborhood without having to pay insurance, gas, or parking!
  • City CarShare: San Francisco Bay Area
  • RENT a CAR that Doesn't Use GAS - ECO friendly Car rentals in Los Angeles and MAUI that use biodiesel.

Intercity Services

Las Vegas Services

  • USA Vacations: 14 Round trips to LV. $25 RT from Los Angeles, departing from Monterey Park and Hacienda Heights (99 Ranch Market at Nogales, 8:30AM.)
    Returns 2:30PM from Tropicana Hotel, arriving Hacienda Heights at 7pm. (800)872-5988

For LAX and other Airport Services see Airport Transportation page.

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