was created for people just like you and me who drive day in and day out, frustrate with our commute and way of life in the LA and the Bay Areas. It informs you of the variety of commuter services that are available and which you COULD be using, if you only had KNOWN about them. The sooner you start using them, the sooner you can start save your sanity and commute stress free! You'll also be supporting the transit service by paying the fare and making the service more cost effective, and making better use of its capacity that's already running on the street. You've also already funded partially for the service with your taxes, so why not START using them?

What are other benefits of taking public transit or not driving?

We hope you recognize that driving alone to work in a 5-passenger car OR 7-passenger SUV is very inefficient in fuel use, CONTRIBUTES to traffic congestion, and air pollution and global warming. So use this site to find a Smarter Commute!

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