Transit AlternativesTrainExpress Transit on Freeways

Numerous express commuter bus and rail lines serve the Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco Bay areas. Find out which services operate on or along the freeways on your commute drive. All buses operate in carpool lanes where available! Now your commute can become a RIDE instead of a drive!

Public Transit and Rideshare Information

Private Transportation Services

Trains (Amtrak), taxis, shuttles, carsharing, and car rental companies.

Transit Services to Airports

Take public transit to the airport and forget about expensive long term parking or begging people for a ride!

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Bike Commuting

Bike racks for 2 bikes are provided in front of full-size buses, so getting to work on bike is only a short hop to your nearest bus stop!

Experience LA Graphic Experience Los Angeles

by riding transit to popular destinations. (External site and opens in new window)